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1.  Terms & Conditions.
Click the tab in the Menu for my T&Cs.  Best to read them before you really get started.

2.  To buy books, postcards, prints and publication/display rights.
Buy my books and postcards by clicking on the links in the menu.  Prints, from 5x7.5 inches @ £7.50 to 8x12 inches @ £29, can be bought by clicking on 'BUY PRINT'  close to each individual photograph.  All prints will have a small copyright line in the bottom corner.  For larger sizes, please send me a message via the Contact form.  Please remember, you would be buying the physical book, card or print for your own personal use only, but no intellectual property rights in the photographs, themselves. Also, they must not be posted on social media (see below).  For the right to publish or display an image, please, send me a message via the Contact form.

3.  About John Walmsley.
I've been a freelance documentary photographer since leaving Art School in 1968.  My final year project on A.S. Neill and his democratic school, Summerhill, was published by Penguin Books in 1969 (updated eBook edition planned for second half of  2022). 
My work has been published in 1,000+ books worldwide (I'm the author or joint-author of 15 of them).
In one form or another, my work is also held at the National Portrait Gallery, the National Art Library at the V&A, the V&A Museum of Childhood, the Tate Britain Library, Liverpool Museum and la Bibliothèque nationale de France.
Mostly, I photograph ordinary people and the interesting things they do. My first story was the sit-in at Guildford School of Art in 1968 at the end of my final year there.  It became the longest ever sit-in at a UK educational establishment and led directly to there being students and staff on the Advisory Boards of schools, colleges and universities.  The book, 'Finding Our Voice', (now out of print):
is not only the catalogue of the exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary, but also records the day-by-day events throughout the sit-in (Claire Grey's diary of events and my photographs).
Looking back, the stories which I think have stood the test of time were all self-started.  If you're interested in the subject, it makes all the difference.
In the 70s I was a part-time lecturer at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.  Plus, I lived and worked with a large group of artists at the Digswell Arts Trust in Welwyn Garden City.  Think, very large house, lots of creativity but very little heating.
Increasingly these days, I give Zoom talks to students and/or professionals about having your ducks in a row from the beginning so you stand a better chance of making a living.  In particular, protecting your copyright so you could be paid later (sometimes, years later) when someone uses your work without asking and refuses to pay anything, typically saying, "Photos are free, right?". 

4.  Social media
I never allow my work to be posted on social media because of their T&Cs.

5.  My fees.
Because I have bills to pay, I need to charge for all uses, including all unauthorised ones, so, if you'd like to use my work in any way at all, please ask me first.  It would be cheaper.  I use the NUJ's Freelance Fees Guide as a minimum and double the fees whenever the photographer's credit is missing.

6.  Current projects, books and interviews.
I'm busy editing some eBooks based on the stories I've covered.  The first is now available on Amazon Books:
There's another 10 in the pipeline.

I take part in  numerous joint exhibitions, both virtual and real, with many other other artists:

I give Zoom talks so, please, do get in touch if you would like one. 
1. 'Getting Your Ducks in a Row' gives advice on being business-like from the beginning so you protect your © and stand a better chance of making a living. 
2. 'Tackling infringers' covers how to find and then pursue infringements of your work so you are paid your fees. 
3. A talk about my own work over 50 years.


7.  Old websites:  walmsleyblackandwhite.com     and     walmsleystreetphotography.com
If you were looking for my Classic B&W or Street Photography sites, that work has been incorporated into this site.    

8.  Leave a comment.
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Hi John, I came across your images on the Black and White Liverpool Flickr group. I thoroughly enjoyed all your shots, especially the 1971 Liverpool ones, as I was about the same age as those kids and wore similar clothes as one or two of them. Regards, Dave
Dave, Glad you enjoyed them. They were exhibited at the Bluecoat a couple of years ago and I arranged for one of the founders to visit and be reunited with his 'kids' after nearly 40 years. But, maybe, you've seen those shots, too. Best, John
Hi John
I hope you're well. I'm desperately trying to find a copy of Birthday Races ( Snaps series) for my parents who used read it to my sister and I when we were children ( 40+ years ago!). We used to reenact it for hours at a time and want to present it to our parents for their Ruby wedding anniversary this year. Do you have any idea where I might buy a copy please. I have tried numerous online book sellers but to no avail. Just seeing the cover brings back so many fond memories for me of poor Christie. I think he may have even have been my first 'crush! Your photos are imprinted in my memory, but I'd love for our parents to see it again in the flesh.
Thanks so much,
Best wishes
I lived in Guildford until 10 years ago and taught at Adult Ed which originally had something to do with the School of Art, where my mother discovered painting, which kept her sane. I was at Oxford in 1968 and then London, so the whole era is fascinating. We lived in Wonersh and Ifor Thomas and Joy lived there and drank in separate pubs.

Hi John someone put a link on Facebook about your works regarding School photography at Whitworth Comprehensive School 1970, what a lovely surprise to find pictures of my auntie Sylvia on of the cleaners at the school, I have ordered them and can't wait to give them to her, Sylvia is in her 92nd year and fit and well, I hope it brings back happy memories for her I know she will be delighted to see them. I attended the same school and new a few people amongst the pictures it was a happy school and brought good times to mind. Thank you so very much for your works.
Hi John. Great photos - especially those that recorded local art school history here in Guildford. My late father often referred to those times in a critique of the place that resonates even now and I included your credited photos on his website - www.johnrichartwork.co.uk - I've also now added a link to your website as requested. In fact, in future, if you're available, I may request a talk from you about those 'unruly' times in gentile Surrey! :D All the best, Liam
Hi John,
I came across a couple of your pictures in old Creative Camera magazines of my grandfather's that I decided to start perusing. More specifically the April 1969 issue, I especially like the picture of the 3 kids at their home in Dunquin.
I look forward to checking out your website and works some more in the near future!
The three kids in Ireland photo was taken when I was a student at art school. We were hitching around the south and sleeping in a tent. That morning I just wandered around the village and took three of my favourite ever photos.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the work on this site.
Great images, often from an interesting angle. These images are so rich in details and clarity. Colour film back in 1970 was very expensive and we sometimes forget how well the black & white film represented the world at that time. Colour photography is taken for granted now but these represent those years so well. When photos can be created in a phone, carelessly quickly and then never seen again these photographs by John are the real deal.
Best wishes. Seems ages since the Digswell day’s Peter and Margaret
hi . I'm trying to buy your book as a birthday gift but can't seem to get a link to take me to a page to buy?

kind regards
Hi John, You Young Contemporary. I've been going through some old stuff in my loft and came across this copy of Creative Camera. Not sure if I can attach images to this form but I'll have a go.
Regards, Tony/Instagram:timmingtontony/Users/anthonytimmington/Desktop/img20220331_17425782.jpg/Users/anthonytimmington/Desktop/img20220331_17460869.jpg

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